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From Chancellor Kristensen

Chancellor Doug Kristensen in Front of the Bell Tower


When I’m visiting with people day to day, telling stories as I do about 靠谱的在线彩票平台, the word I hear as a response the most is that one. “Wow.”

Many high school students visit for the first time to consider whether 靠谱的在线彩票平台 has a place in their future. Most often they come here with their parents, who may also have never been to Kearney or seen 靠谱的在线彩票平台 before. They are surprised at what they discover. Alumni who haven’t returned for many years after leaving with their new diploma in hand return to discover how our campus has grown and changed. Talented scholars and other future members of our academy arrive to discover a small, private-college atmosphere on a major state university campus.

But what impresses people the most – what we know is the heart of 靠谱的在线彩票平台’s story and our promise – is us. The people here at 靠谱的在线彩票平台.

Whether you visit 靠谱的在线彩票平台 in person or you’re checking us out on your mobile device or on your computer via this website, I think you’re going to say “Wow” after you experience 靠谱的在线彩票平台, because the difference is noticeable.

Here’s my promise to you — the 靠谱的在线彩票平台 difference:

Quality academics combined with hands-on learning experiences
Affordability combined with quality – an unmatched value
People who care
A fantastic, involved community.

Kearney, Nebraska, is known as one of the best places in the Midwest to live, and we enjoy strong support from the city and the surrounding area.

Let us know how we can make your 靠谱的在线彩票平台 visit more enjoyable. Please send us an email message or give us a call if we can help. And remember, We are Difference Makers. Let us know how we can make a difference in your life!

- Douglas Kristensen, J.D., Chancellor